Lawn Care During Cool Weather

A beautiful looking lawn involves a lot of hard work and is a year-long activity. A well-maintained garden not only adds to the aesthetics but also increases the property value significantly. Landscaping Georgetown services provide services to people who want a garden which everyone is going to envy. Apart from the aesthetics, a garden is great for the overall health of your family, and many architects are trying to incorporate it into their designs
Maintenance activities that you do in cold weather can make or destroy your garden as the mistakes you do in that weather can result in damages to it.

There are two important things to do in cool months, watering and fertilizing your garden.
Watering the lawn: Watering your lawn is of great importance while you are tending to your garden. Based on how well you perform this activity, you will have to make further changes during summer. Spring is the time when plants tend to grow, and by summer all that ends and your garden becomes inactive to growth. During summer the grass and the plants tend to start discoloration, and by winter it is completely discolored. As the temperature dips there is a lesser need for water and hence you can water it once a week.
Installing a water system to irrigate your garden is highly recommended. By doing so, you can schedule to water the garden at a particular time. The best time to water a plant is dawn i.e. immediately after the dew settles and before the sun rises. You can choose the services of a professional to get this system installed.

Watering tips
Watering in the AM is the best time as the air is cool and no wind will blow away the droplets. In the middle of the day, the water tends to evaporate quickly due to sunlight, and in the evenings the water sits on the blades which can turn them sick.
Water enough so that the soil gets enough moisture. Each land is different from one another to ensure that you know the nature of it and how long you should water it so that you get optimal benefits.
Water once a week during fall,
Caution should be taken so that water is evenly sprinkled all over the garden, there should not be any dry or over wet patches.

Fertilizing: You should not stop the maintenance of your lawn during fall as it can make it turn brown. You should use a fertilizer in this season as it can help in retaining its color and also aids in the growth of plants even later in the season. Also, many companies produce fertilizers that should be used in fall which can help new seeds and young plants have deep roots. You can even start planting flowers in this season for your lawn to look pretty. Ensure that you thoroughly apply fertilizers all over your garden and also make sure to time the application as using it too early can cause diseases. Late summer and early fall are the two recommended seasons for fertilizer’s to be applied.